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Young Author Contest Entries

Date Due:  Monday, March 2nd

Time:  No later than 3:30 p.m.

Place:  East Side Elementary Library

             Attn: Patt Hilmer

Reminder: Only 3 entries may be submitted, per category, per each grade level teacher.

Simply: A teacher may only submit their top 3 entries for Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry which equals a total of 9 books submitted for that teacher.

Middle School/High School/Ten Sleep teachers:  We realize that you teach multiple class periods.  You are allowed 3 entries, in each category, PER class period. Same rule as above applies to you as each class is a classroom of its own.

Example:  You teach 5 different classes in a given day, times that by three entries for fiction, you would be allowed to submit a total of 15 fiction entries total, but only three from each class period.  Students must mark their class period, in the upper right hand corner of their entry. This insures compliance is being met. 

Fiction and Non-Fiction entries cannot exceed 4,000 words, and if over 3,000, must indicate a word count on the entry form. CHANGE:  Our council voted that all non-fiction entries must be narratives, not reports, as the judging rubrics are set up for narratives.

Poetry entries may consist of: one long epic poem (book length, usually) or a collection of five (5) poems.

  • A collection must have exactly and only five (5) poems along with a table of contents.
  • Kindergarten: only three (3) poems are required along with a table of contents.
  • Table of contents must be first.

Please refer to the following website for guidlines:


  • Local councils may add to contest rules. This council voted, and now requires, that non-fiction entries must be written in narrative form. All others will be disqualified.
  • State updated their entry form this summer. So yes, there is a new one again this year. All entries must use this the new form, all information fields must be filled in on each entry form, handwriting must be neat and legible, and the form must be correctly placed inside the bound entry.
  • Students who are 18 yrs. of age, at the time of entry submission, may wave the Guardian’s signature. They will need to state “I am 18 yrs old.” on this line.
  • Class entries must be submitted with the teacher form filled out, and legible. If not, the entries will be disqualified and returned.
  • Entries that do not meet the rules will be disqualified and returned. Disqualified entries are discussed and the decision made by the sorting committee. Their decision is final.
  • This council uses a disqualification sheet, the reason marked or stated, and attached to the entry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Patt Hilmer, East Side Elementary (307) 347-4662 or E-mail.