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These procedures are adopted by Washakie County School District No. 1 to implement its Anti-Bullying Policy.

1. A student or his or her parents/legal guardian, who believes that the student is the recipient of harassment, intimidation or bullying from another student, staff member, or volunteer is encouraged to report the incident to any staff member on duty at the time, the student’s teacher, or the building administrator. Information may be presented anonymously. Any teacher or other staff member who observes students engaging in harassment, intimidation or bullying shall report the incident to the building administrator. Said reports may be in writing or verbal. Each school shall have available at its office a form to be utilized upon request of a complaining party to initiate an investigation of the allegation.

2. For each school, the superintendent shall appoint a Disciplinarian to receive and consider any allegation received of harassment, intimidation or bullying. Said Disciplinarian shall, based upon the sufficiency and reliability of the complaint, conduct an appropriate investigation. The conclusion of the Disciplinarian shall be communicated to the complainant within a reasonable time under the circumstances and will advise the complainant if the District intends to take corrective action or if the District does not have adequate evidence to conclude that harassment, intimidation or bullying occurred. The Disciplinarian shall maintain a separate file for each allegation which shall include findings of fact and a justification for the conclusion reached.

3. An allegation of harassment, intimidation or bullying may be made anonymously; however, no formal disciplinary action shall be taken against a student alleged to have committed said acts solely on the basis of an anonymous report.

4. Reprisal or retaliation against a person who reports or who makes a complaint of harassment, intimidation or bullying is prohibited. The building administrator shall direct staff to make reasonable efforts to monitor the reporting party and to communicate with him or her to determine the possibility of reprisal or retaliation. If it appears that reprisal or retaliation is occurring, then staff shall make referral to the Disciplinarian who shall then make appropriate contact with the party or parties responsible for the reprisal or retaliation and make necessary efforts to insure that it does not continue.

5. The Disciplinarian shall establish a strategy for protecting a victim of harassment, intimidation or bullying. Dependent upon the individual circumstances involved, this may include counseling, education, mediation or other opportunities for problem solving between all parties.

6. If a person who is found to have made a false accusation, report or complaint of harassment, intimidation or bullying, upon proper investigation, the Disciplinarian shall, dependent upon the circumstances involved, impose the appropriate consequence. This may include counseling, education, mediation or other opportunities for problem solving between all parties.

7. Any person found to have violated the board’s prohibition of harassment, intimidation and bullying shall be subject to the appropriate sanction, which will depend upon the circumstances involved, including but not limited to the age and maturity level of the offender, the nature of the offensive act, the relationship of the parties, and any other matter the Disciplinarian believes relevant. Consequences may include mandatory counseling, education, mediation, or other opportunities for problem solving between the parties. Severe incidents may require immediate or formal disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion, in accordance with Board Policy 2.7.

8. The District’s policy shall be publicized to the students, in congregate, at least annually at or near the beginning of the school year. It shall also be included in each school’s student handbook.

9. The District’s policy shall be published to the public at large by publication of a notice in the local newspaper at least once annually at the beginning of each year. Said notice shall specifically state that the policy applies to participation in functions sponsored by the District.

10. The District’s policy shall be incorporated into the District’s professional development program by adopting preparation program standards as suggested by the State Department.

11. Each volunteer and other non-certified employees of the District who have significant contact with the students shall acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Board’s policy and these procedures. Said documentation shall be maintained by the appropriate building administrator.