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Professional Development


January 22, 2021 – Professional Development Links – FINAL

Understanding Sheltered Instruction: Expediting Comprehension for English Language Learners (ExC-ELL)

Infinite Campus – Campus Instruction – Control Center – New Features – REQUIRED!

CTE/Perkins Meeting – 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Team-Developed/Job Embedded Professional Development

  • Sessions will vary by building – please use the link below to sign in.  Team Leaders, please get the sign in/summary sheets completed and forwarded.  Thanks!
  • Team Leaders!
    • Please print a copy of this sheet
    • Have your team sign in
    • Provide a short summary of the work you completed
    • Submit a copy to your building principal
    • Submit a copy to Jody Rakness via school mail

Special Education

  • N2Y Training for all Life Skills Teachers from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Full Time Paraeducators

  • Please participate as directed by building administrators/directors

Part Time Paraeducators

  • Unless otherwise directed by building administrators/directors, ENJOY YOUR DAY OFF! 


November 9, 2020 – Virtual “Tech Day”

Staff:  Click the Blue Links to access sessions in the table below.

Link to “Virtual Tech Day Sign In Sheet” → Click Here

Welcome!  Today’s sessions are designed to allow users to both learn and build content during each session.  Please have “TWO DEVICES” in front of you today – one to watch and participate in the Zoom session – the other to work within your Canvas courses while you are learning.

Click the Blue Links in the Table below to access the Zoom sessions.  Attendance participation will be taken from the Zoom Participant report – but there will be a Google Sign-in Sheet as well.  Team Leaders – please make sure that teams participating as a group sign in on the Google Sign-in Sheet.

Short Session Descriptions are shown below.

  Basic Canvas Advanced Canvas WOL PEAK

Just the Basics I

Session Recording

Forward video to 31:40 to start

David Stokowski

This Canvas Basics session is designed to ensure participants understand the structure of Canvas.  This session is for those of you who are new to Canvas this year.

Understanding Outcomes I

Session Recording

Forward Video to 36:00 to start

Angela Richardson

Angela will guide participants in creating outcomes to track standards mastery in your content area.  Ample time to create outcomes will be built into this session.

Click Here to Access

Angela’s Notes & Videos

Just the Basics

Christi Cochran

Christi will guide participants in understanding the Brightspace, PEAK Office and PEAK Classroom environments.

Just the Basics II

Session Recording

Forward Video to 5:40 to Start

David Stokowski

Continuation of Just the Basics I

Learning Mastery

Session Recording

Forward Video to 4:30 to Start

Angela Richardson

Angela will guide participants in the Learning Mastery side of the gradebook to track standards mastery in your course.  Ample time to practice will be built into this session.

Managing the Classroom

Passcode:  354098

Christi Cochran

Christi will show WOL teachers how to monitor student progress, add additional testing attempts, provide feedback, how to email individual students, groups of students, and parents. 


Canvas & G-Suite

Session Recording

Forward Video to 6:00 to Start

David Stokowski

Are you a fan of Google Classroom?  Thanks to Beth Siegfried – we have integrated Google Assignments LTI – David will guide participants in this and other Google Suite pieces.

The Bitmoji Classroom

Session Recording

Forward Video to 3:00 to Start

Angela Richardson

Angela will show participants how to add Bitmoji “magic” to their classrooms.  This is a just for fun session!

Editing Course Content

Passcode:  354098

Christi Cochran

This session comes from comments that teachers have made about the content being "set."  Christi will show teachers how to add content, edit quizzes, provide  additional testing attempts, and other, "How Do I . . . ?” questions.

 12:00–12:45 Lunch Lunch Lunch
 12:45–1:45 Grade and/or Content Area PLC Time Grade and/or Content Area PLC Time Grade and/or Content Area PLC Time

How Do I . . .?

Session Recording

David Stokowski

Have a question?  Let David help you work through it!

Creating/Recording Content

Session Recording

Ryan Clark

Ryan and his staff will show participants various ways to record and create content that can be embedded into Canvas. 

Ample time to practice will be built into this session.

Classroom Connect or Zoom

Passcode:  354098

Christi Cochran

Connecting with online students is essential for student success.  Christi will show options for connecting with online students via Zoom or Class Connect.   



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