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Standards Reporting

Dear Parents:

Reporting Standards is an essential component of education.  Parents often wonder, "What is my child learning in school?"  We often hear comments about the "new standards."  Thus, in a sincere effort to improve communication regarding these pieces, Washakie No. 1 is working hard to translate Wyoming Standards into student/parent friendly language through the implementatin of a Standards-Based Grading and Reporting System.  

This sytem is being implemented in three Phases:

  • Phase I – Elementary → Phase I was fully implemented by the end of the 2019-20 school year
  • Phase II – Middle School → Phase II was fully implemented by the end of the 2020-21 school year
  • Phase III – High School → Phase III is in the initial stages of implementation.  High school staff have separated academic performance from behaviors.  Standards reporting is forthcoming.

In line with these standards, teachers will be reporting proficiency using the following scale:

  • 4    = Advanced Proficient
  • 3.5 = Exceeding Standard
  • 3    = Proficient (Meeting Standard)
  • 2.5 = Approaching Proficient
  • 2    = Basic (Making Progress)
  • 1    = Below Basic (Not There, "Yet")

As parents receive these reports, they will be able to watch their child "grow" from August to May, and from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  Reports will help parents to understand their student's strengths and areas in need of extra efforts in both Academic and Life Skills Behaviors.

We have designed a report card system that outlines these standards in a way that is easy to read, easy to understand, and provides answers to the essential question, "What is my child learning in school?"

The following links will take you to samples of our Standards Report Cards - we welcome your input as we move forward with this project.

Yours in education,


Jody Rakness, Assistant Superintendent

Washakie County School District No. 1



Sample Standards-Based Report Cards (Click Links to Access):

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